Fashion and Charity

I was attending a fashion charity event this month in sl. The event name is Models Giving Back. They focusing on Breast Cancer. The show was amazing with great styling and of course with great social heart.

In real life we have several fashion charity event like Amfar that focusing on aids.


That is from Amfar event, Diene Kruger and Karl Langerfeld

From my view these event will change the people mind about fashion, that they think that fashion is always being nice outfit and styling. They can be a solution on world phenomenon.

From this, as a student in modeling, I will dig in more to fashion event and their cause for the world. Hope my journey will be more excite for me and for my point of view..



imageThis is Vic.. Nice style 🙂 and nice pose for this dress..


This is BonieFacio, Always great pose he has..


This is Nimrae, great pose and cute shape she has. ❤


This is Lua, Love her make up ❤


This is Sweettall.. nice shape and look at those legs !!


This is Trouble.. yeah„ I know ladies, already a trouble to see him


This is Jamee.. Fierce pose ❤


What a tease pose…rawr !!


Letitia..Love her styling ❤


This is Mesh.. Hmm,  cool pose..

From these post, I learn to use the right pose and I hope fashion is not always about styling and mode but also about how we give feedback to the world. Because without them, we won’t have great ideas..


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